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Tree Pruning

A properly pruned tree truly is a living work of art.  Our tree care professionals know when, why, and how to properly prune your trees so that their natural beauty is amplified and their health is preserved.  Whether pruning a newly planted Chinese Pistache or a century old Live Oak, we have the skills and the know how to get the job done right!


Tree Removal

While tree preservation is our number one priority, tree removal in many cases may be necessary.  Storm damage, tree decline, adverse affects on property, these are all examples of situations in which removal may be the only solution.  Rest assured, our staff are highly trained in technical tree removal skills and techniques.  We have the equipment, experience, and skill to safely remove problem trees, even if they're in close proximity to surrounding structures.

Emergency Service

Lightening storms, strong winds, and heavy rain can have adverse effects on trees.  At 3rd Day Tree Service, we are prepared to help mitigate and stabilize any unexpected hazard your trees may be causing you and your property.  These time sensitive and hazardous incidents require precise planning, specialized skill and equipment.  We've successfully resolved a number of these types of incidents and are here for you in your time of need.



Trees, while symbolic forms of strength and longevity, can fall victim to partial or complete failure due to the slightest imperfections within their form.  Deficiencies such as codominant stems, included bark, and over extended limbs are a few examples of poor tree growth habits that could potentially result in failure.  Thankfully, there are ways to combat these hazards; cabling.  Cabling, in its simplest form, is the installation of a single cable directly into one limb of a tree and running it to another limb. The cable reduces (but should not restrict) movement and stress on the tree’s weak point and helps mitigate the risk of failure.  Our team of professionals (led by an ISA Certified Arborist) have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to not only install cables but to install them correctly so that they may do their job; and that is to aid in preventing failure, preserving your tree, and protecting nearby property.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the most effective way to finish the tree removal process.  The process of grinding a tree stump requires an operator to guide the grinder over the entire stump as the blade from the machine reduces the wood to chips, and takes the stump down to well below ground level.  Stump removal also reduces insect activity, mitigates new and unwanted growth, and provides room for future landscaping.

stump grinding

Soil Injection

Not all problems involving trees can be solved with pruning alone.  A large portion of tree health has to do with what is going on below the landscapes’ surface and within the soil.  Things like maintaining proper soil pH, encouraging the formulation of organic matter, and fighting off pests can be done through soil injection.

Soil Injection involves the injection of liquid solutions at regular spacing in the soil throughout the area directly beneath the canopy, starting from the trunk and extending just beyond the drip line. Injections are made under pressure of about 150 to 200 psi to a depth of 4 to 6 inches, exactly where the trees’ absorbing roots are located.  Our ISA Certified Arborist can help you identify what may be ailing your tree(s) and prescribe a soil injection plan that will have your trees looking beautiful and healthy in no time.

Tree Growth Regulator (TGR)

Caring for trees within the urban landscapes of Hewitt, Woodway, Waco and surrounding areas occasionally require more than routine pruning.  Trees in our yards have to deal with compacted soils, restricted spaces and other human elements.  3rd Day Tree Service, LLC offers solutions to these problems so that you may enjoy your trees for years to come with the reduced potential for headache.  Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) is one of the many solutions we offer.  TGRs suppress the tree's natural reaction to grow broader and taller, all while  promoting the tree's other healthier characteristics.  This includes increased fine root hair production, development of thicker leaves and an increase in starch reserves to aid in fighting off diseases and pest infestations.  This could be the missing piece in your tree health care plan and we'd be happy to help you determine if this treatment suits your unique landscape.


Tree Installation

While pruning and removing trees is an essential part of our job, planting new trees is probably the most rewarding.  Planning for the future and planting something that has the potential to live for generations is very fulfilling and we love to do it!  Choosing a tree species, location, and identifying the personal goals you may have for your new tree are all things we consider and enjoy uncovering.  Let us help you leave something behind for others to enjoy for decades to come!

Have a question?  Click the link below and get in touch with one of our tree pros!

How Can An Arborist Help You?

    Trees are long-term investments that must be cared for properly. A certified arborist has extensive training in tree care. They can help you decide if your trees need to be pruned or removed and recommend methods for keeping them healthy. Arborists are trained to identify tree diseases and pests, as well as the most effective treatment options for each case. They can also advise you on what trees best suit your yard's climate and soil conditions.

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